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Chill out with Valais Blacknose lambs

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+

Chill out with Huckleberry’s twin lambs!

Is there anything more relaxing that watching lambs at close quarters? Now add the fact that they’re the cutest Valais Blacknose lambs and they live at Huckleberry Woods micro animal adventures, and you’re in for a real treat.

You can arrange your own private chill out session with Huckleberry Woods’ twin lambs, Hansel and Gretel. Born on the 17th May 2024, the lambs will grow as the year progresses.

A 20 minute chill out with the lambs and their mum, Hop, and 2 hour entry to Huckleberry Woods micro animal adventures to mingle with the free ranging alpacas, teddy bear sheep and to watch the antics of the naughty pygmy goats, micro pigs and miniature donkeys.

Suitable for one or two adults only (17 and over). Must be able to remain calm around animals. (There is no guarantee the lambs will approach, the lambs and their ewe Hop are currently in their socialisation phase and learning to trust new people. No bottle feeding involved as they’re feeding from their mum.)

Closed toed footwear must be worn.

Book now for your lovely, relaxing chill out session.