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Micro Pig Walk

Quick Details

Micro pig walk for one Suitable for both children (Ages: 4+) and adults
Spectators - Adult Entry Aged 17-64
Spectators - Child Entry Aged 2-16
Spectators - Concession Entry Aged 65+
Spectators: Any additional family/group members not taking part in the experience Please note: only one person can hold the lead.

Your One-to-One Micro Pig Experience

Your chance to walk one of our tame micro pigs around a beautiful Kentish orchard. This experience is for an adult micro pig walk for one person.

Includes entry to Huckleberry Woods micro animal adventures for up to two hours.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to stroke the piggies, take photos and ask questions during your walk. You can stop to greet the miniature donkeys, alpacas, Teddy Bear sheep ducks and chickens as you go.

The pigs go at their own pace, they may amble about slowly or be feeling much more energetic, with running involved – it all depends on the piggy on the day. You can drop the lead if the pig is going too fast for you at any time. They may also decide to stand around and munch the windfall fruit in the summer, it depends entirely on the piggy and we always let our piggies set the pace.

Please be aware that micro, mini and tea cup pigs are just different names for the same type of piggy. Despite what the internet would like you to believe, they don’t stay as small as a piglet for their whole lives, this is a myth. A fully grown micro pig will reach around 6 stone. They’re wonderful animals and very small compared to other pigs but please don’t expect them to stay as tiny as a piglet for their whole lives.

You’ll be accompanied for most of your walk by a Huckleberry Woods pig handler to help you and your piggy stay safe.

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