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Teddy Bear Sheep Experience

Quick Details

Book one sheep
Book two sheep
Book three sheep
Spectators - Adult Entry Aged 17-64
Spectators - Child Entry Aged 2-16
Spectators - Concession Entry Aged 65+
Please note: only one person can hold the lead
Spectators: Any additional family/group members not taking part in the experience

Walk our trained teddy bear sheep

Unique experience to walk our harness trained Teddy Bear sheep around a Kentish orchard followed by a sheep cuddling session. This experience is for a Teddy Bear sheep encounter for one person. Includes entry to Huckleberry Woods micro animal adventures for up to two hours.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to stroke the Teddy Bear sheep, take photos and ask questions during your experience. You can stop to greet the miniature donkeys, alpacas, micro pigs, ducks and chickens as you go.

Sometimes the sheep are fast, sometimes they’re slow, sometimes they stand and admire the view for a while – it’s all part of the fun.

All prices include VAT.